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Freedom Swing 2012 was amazing!


Freedom Swing 2012 Memories

600+ people came to Freedom Swing 2012.  Here’s a few of those memories…

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Liza May’s Updates: #1 #2 #3

ITwirl Round’s Report & Commentary

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Arjay Centeno & Jennifer DeLuca Nicola & Robert Royston
Jessica Cox & John Lindo Deborah S Székely & Robert Cordoba

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Tim Hartigan Jim Chow Lori Hartigan ITwirl Round Keith Chow
Tony Walker Liza May Maria Haydee Faith Wight Ethel Watson

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Tony’s First Push-break Jason & Mary Beth Lane
Hill on Wheels Strictly Spin
Ben & Betsy

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“Freedom Swing was an ENORMOUS and IMPRESSIVE success. This speaks volumes about how to run an event.” – ITwirl Round

“Rob and Sheila and their staff outdid themselves in making sure we had a great time.” – Bruce S. Haslam (Florida)

“Freedom Swing!! Omg!! Awesome! Social first and foremost! Great music all weekend!! Great Pros. Just fun all around. Good laughs. This is the time I’m reminded why I love my job!” – Deborah S Székely

“Awesome. Fabulous. Fun. First-Class. Wicked. Stupendous. Unbelievable. Top-knotch. Energetic. Rad. Fab. I can go on and on. Congratulations to Sheila Purkey and Rob Baen for a great first event!!! Looking ready already to 2013!” – Pamela Marshall (Kingston, NY)

“Freedom Swing was Amazing! The Energy in the room was insane ALL Day. I haven’t seen many events have such a great energy before Midnight and carried into the late hours. … Can’t wait until next year!” – Anthony DeRosa

“OMG OMG OMG! What FUN i had at Freedom! LOVED the format of the weekend. Everything ran so smoothly.” – Christine Clifton

“Freedom Swing will go down as the best inaugural west coast swing dance competition in 2012. Congratulations to Rob Baen and Sheila Purkey for hosting an awesome event!” – David Muzii

“We had so much fun and are looking forward to next year! Congratulations, it was a fantastic event!” – Amber Hicks (NC)

“Kudos to everybody involved with Freedom Swing … Ran like clockwork… So much fun and can’t wait till next year!” – Jenny Robinson

“Congratulations to Rob Baen and Sheila Purkey for putting Philly on the West Coast Swing map with their inaugural Freedom Swing weekend. The event could not have been better. But it left me with one question…….When can I sign up for Freedom Swing 2013.” – Dave Wanzor

“What a great time! If there were any glitches, we sure didn’t see them! Thanks, and looking forward to next year!” – Claire Brown

“Great weekend!!! I had way too much fun! – Jennifer J. Chen

“Went here for the day on Saturday. What a great time I had! Loads of opportunities for open dancing throughout the day and night!! Next year, I’ll get the entire Weekend Package…and book early!!!’ – Eric Shoemaker

“THANK YOU! Everyone. Really fun event, really fun people.” – Greg Avakian

“Thankful for the kindness, generosity, and support of the pro staff at Freedom Swing…” – Mary Beth Lane

“Nothing better than a good post-3am dance floor, except for the 2nd day’s post-3am dance floor.” – Kristina Chadwick

“I have not received that much enouragement and kindness from that many people in a long long time…Thanks Freedom, the dances were lovely, the greeting was gracious and there is still more to come.” – Sascha L Newberg

“…had an excellent time at Freedom Swing… What an incredible event for dance in Philadelphia…” – Lori Ann Hartigan

“…had a blast. Wonderful turn out. Planning on going again…” – Carolyn Lee Thrasher Vehslage

“thank you… for throwing such a fantastic and wonderful party ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! You Rock!!!” – Stan Wojciechowski

“Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend…simply an amazing 1st year event!! Sure look forward to next year!” – Susan Riley

“Congratulations to you and Rob and all the staff who made Freedom Swing an outstanding success!! I had the BEST time!!!” – Richard Muccino

“Thank you so much for having such an incredible event! I had an amazing time this weekend! Can’t wait for next year!!!” – Jacqueline Joyner

“If you didn’t make it to Freedom Swing this year, be sure to look out for it next year. The energy was amazing all weekend long. Rob and Sheila Purkey did a fantastic job putting together an awesome event.” – Vivian Young

“Had a fantastic weekend at Freedom Swing!!! Thanks to Rob Baen and Sheila Purkey for such an amazing job! … Can’t wait til next year!” – Stephanie Risser

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The event could not have been better.” – Dave Wanzor