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Freedom Swing 2013 stepped it up!


Freedom Swing 2013 Memories

The Westie world showed up for Freedom Swing 2012. Β Here’s a few memories…

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Kathryn Johanessen
Thanks for a fun event!

Chuck-Hou Yee
Rob, Sheila, you two rock. Thank you for creating such a friendly community and building an awesome event on top of it!

Victor Ariel Arencibia
What a great and relaxed event this was. R.Royston was in top form as m.c. and the instructors were super. Let’s do it again next year !!

Vivian Young:
Spending the weekend at Freedom Swing 2013 was a wonderful escape.

Katie Strzeszewski
Thank you, Rob and Sheila, for putting together a WONDERFUL weekend event! I’m honored to have been a part of it, and I’m looking forward to Freedom 2014!

Niki Kaplan
Had such an amazing fun time at Freedom Swing 2013! It was a blast! Best full weekend of 2013! I’ve gained so much more confidence in my west coast swing dancing… Thanks to everyone I already knew and the people I just met for giving me such a wonderful west coast swing dance weekend experience!

Abby Stone
Freedom Swing! What a wonderful event to kick 2013 off with. Thank you Sheila Purkey, John Lindo, and all the Freedom Swing staff, volunteers, and dancers who made it all happen πŸ™‚ β€” with Jody Moscaritolo.

Alexis Peros.
Thank you Grant for the idea, and for generally being incredible and the best kind of friend a girl could hope to have in her life. Thank you Frank for arranging the best steal dance on a crowded floor since Michigan Classic, which made me feel so totally loved I tried my best to make every lead I danced with feel that way afterwards. Thank you Faith for your constant love and generosity and sweetness. Thank you Steve for the most refreshing musical dances and new ideas, and your encouragement, which meant so much to me. Thank you Abby, it was wonderful getting to know you better pretty girl! And to Jena, for pointing out the sketchiest lyrics ever and trying to talk me into a 5 minute freezing walk for pie. Or cake . At five in the morning. I promise to go next time πŸ™‚ So many great memories, so many great dances.. at the airport and missing everyone already!

Elgin Santos
Had a wonderful, more-than-words-can-say, great time at the event today. Thanks to Rob and Sheila, the pro staff, the volunteers, and all those involved in putting on the event. A big thank you goes to all of the incredible follows I danced with today. I can’t wait to do so again. Also, I can’t send enough appreciation to the instructors of these fine ladies for grooming such great dancers. ‘Til next year…

Beto Zaleta
Just had a 20 minute massage courtesy of one of the therapists they have on site here at the event. I feel amazing. Better than a 2 hour nap!

Jessie Rosenberg
My new favorite convention food: peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Perfection.

Victor Ariel Arencibia
Nice event this.

N Paul Dyck
One thing that sort of amused me last night was that there was this huge dance floor which was empty when they were making announcements and such but when during breaks in the proceedings the emcee would say something like “the floor is yours for the next ten minutes” that huge floor would be packed with dancers within about 60 seconds. OMG what a room full of very good dancers.


John Greenstreet
Incredible WC Swing weekend with tons of great dancing. There were so many Jack and Jill contestants on the floor at any given time that taking pictures was challenging. Here’s the best of about 300 pics! Kudos to all the volunteers that made it possible and all the fabulous DJs who really rocked the house and kept the dance floors packed at all times!

Marlon Int’l
After trekking in a bit of snow to get to Philly, I had a great time at Freedom Swing with my fun roomies! Had a blast on the dancefloor and proud of all my NY peeps and other who represented quite well this weekend.
Been feeling a bit rusty, so happy with 5th place in Intermediate with great dances with Kristen Bianco.
The pros were certainly quite entertaining with Sunday’s class – hilarious!
Thanks Sheila, Rob, John, and staff for a great weekend!

Jun Ogata
This one time I’m glad that dance class was canceled [at home after returning from the event] due to the weather up here.. I so Swung Over from Freedom Swing 2013, I needed a nap!!

Steve Johns
Had a great time at Freedom Swing 2013. Wishing for this event many happy returns!

Richard Muccino
Congratulations to Sheila Purkey, Rob Baen, and John Lindo and all the staff, Dan Roth and Steve Wilder, who made Freedom Swing II again an outstanding success!! We had the BEST time!!!

Barbara Jackson
Now that I have had a few hours of sleep, I would like to personally thank the following volunteers for their professionalism and wiliness to hit the ground running:
Lauren Ebin-Muzii, Carol Feldman, Cheryl Hammond, Marybeth Lane, Jason Lane, Jason Laska, Sascha Newburgh, Mike Pisco, Angela Risser, Dan Roth, Eric Shoemaker, Lynne Stevens, Katie Strewzinski, Michael Sulik, Nanette Sulik, Ed Wendel, Judy Wendel, Charlie Wight, Faith Wight, and Chuck Yee. You made my job fun.

Richard Legler
Congratulations on hosting a wonderful event, Freedom Swing! Your superstars, pros, staff and volunteers were thoughtful and kind; and created a warm and welcoming ambiance throughout the weekend. It was my first time attending the event; I will definitely put it in my plan for 2014. Thank you, Sheila and Rob!

Jason Miklic
Thank you Freedom Swing! What a great weekend! The dancing was spectacular, and the group workshop at the end of the weekend was truly memorable! πŸ™‚

Leslie VanArsdale Segebade
Great time at Freedom Swing this weekend!! Awesome workshops, Great music, Tons of fun dancing & hanging out with friends!! Thank you Sheila Purkey, Rob Baen, John Lindo & all others that make the event happen!! Can’t wait till next year!! =)

Barbara Jackson
Sheila and Rob, thank you so much for a fun filled weekend and the opportunity. Looking forward to next year.

Eric Shoemaker
FS was such a great time! Thank You Sheila Purkey and Rob Baen for hosting such a fun filled and friendly event!! Looking forward to next year!! (w/o the cold!)

Amanda Young
Thanks Sheila, Rob and John for an awesome weekend of workshops, comps and social dancing!!!

Margret Schaefer
Great event! Can’t wait until next year!!